Graham Gercken Resume

Graham is a highly skilled and accomplished artist with a deep passion for oil painting. His journey began as a predominantly self-taught artist, where he honed his skills in the style of the impressionist artists, particularly the wet into wet technique favored for outdoor painting. Influenced by the works of Sir Arthur Streeton and the Heidelberg school of artists, Graham developed a unique artistic voice.

In 1984, Graham relocated to the "World Heritage listed" Blue Mountains in Sydney, seeking inspiration in the breathtaking natural surroundings. Although he experimented with various jobs, he always felt a sense of constraint until he discovered his true calling. Graham embarked on his professional career by selling paintings to the numerous tourists visiting the Blue Mountains daily, showcasing his talent and establishing himself as an artist of merit.

In 1998, Graham applied for and was awarded the prestigious Artist In Residence position at Dunmoochin, Victoria, the residence of renowned Australian artist Clifton Pugh. This opportunity provided Graham with invaluable experiences and the chance to collaborate with other artists. With renewed vigor, he painted the local landscapes plein air, captivated by the beautiful stands of Huge River gums and other captivating subjects that were novel and refreshing to his artistic eye.

In 2001, Graham returned to New South Wales and settled on the Central Coast. Leveraging the power of the internet, he successfully sold the majority of his artwork online, reaching clients from the USA, Japan, UK, and Europe. Additionally, Graham's artistic pursuits took him to China, where he resided for four years and had the privilege of learning ink wash painting techniques from accomplished Chinese artists.

Currently residing in Lithgow, NSW, Graham continues to thrive as an artist, showcasing his work through his online gallery. With an impressive career spanning 35 years, he has garnered numerous awards, including multiple first-place accolades. Graham's artistic achievements include sell-out exhibitions at Prouds Art Gallery in Sydney and representation in esteemed Australian art galleries, as well as the Korean consulate. His paintings have been presented to esteemed dignitaries, notable sports figures, and adorn private collections around the globe, solidifying his reputation as a highly regarded and sought-after artist.